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BlackBerry 10 – Interface and user gestures

The basic idea of BlackBerry 10 is true multitasking. With simple gestures, users can switch back to the Blackberry and forth between open applications. This approach eliminates the need for a home button on the BlackBerry devices and the users when navigating the system avoids having to use the main menu, called BlackBerry “Flow” – everything can be controlled via simple wiper fluid gestures.

For example, it is possible to slide a running video to the side and keep the edge to read briefly a newly arrived text message or email. Up to eight running apps are reduced as live widgets (“Active frame”) displayed on the home screen and can, if necessary via thumb movement to get close to the front or – thus fulfilling the home screen of the BlackBerry 10, the function of a task manager. From the home screen, you change a communications centre with a wiping gesture to the right, into the clear view with other installed apps by wiping left.

From the top can be a menu with the connectivity settings, pull down. At the bottom of the screen, a quick launch bar sits with access buttons for the phone function for the search and for the camera.

The BlackBerry hub is the central inbox of BlackBerry 10, arriving in all messages, e-mails and messages from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry Messenger – is an e-mail app is not in the app index. Can take a quick look at the BlackBerry Hub users when they move up another just opened app (“peek”).

Entirely in the BlackBerry stroke they change when the minimized app to the right side to push or press the corresponding button on the sensor bottom of the screen. From here you can directly respond to messages, switch to one of the communication channels or to the right of access additional options to manage your inbox. The calendar is integrated into the BlackBerry stroke, and stored contacts are provided with information from social networks.

The BlackBerry Hub offers filters for different accounts, so can, for example by pressing a key just Facebook messages or reminders only show.

How good is the new HTC SMARTPHONE?

HTC builds good smartphones for years with advanced technology and nice user interface. Nevertheless, the absolute success will not be adjusted easily. With the HTC One X rang the manufacturer therefore the last year of a new era – more design and better technology was the credo. With the new HTC One, he has finally won and the power throne – at least until the competition as Samsung introduces their own devices. AreaMobile shows the test of the HTC One, what exactly has to offer a smartphone.

Design & Processing

HTC One – the name chosen does not seem particularly clever, because even the two predecessors were called so, albeit with an X and X + as an additive. Nevertheless, with that description of the Taiwanese manufacturer simply makes clear how important this is a device (one) for the company’s future. For in spite of good reviews for the previous Ones – against the marketing of Samsung HTC was previously powerless. Passively apply for the Taiwanese to own top quality products and the HTC a few spots were lost in the overwhelming mass of the clips of the South Koreans.

In fact, the HTC One test has what it takes, with his total package to competing products with confidence to face. It begins with the design. Where others rely on fancy, but unpleasant edged glass or plastic vile customers in exchange for MSRP of 600 euros and more pressing in the hand, HTC used regardless of the difficulties that it might give to the reception, high-quality metal. Of this material is at least the region above and below the display, and the entire back. How expensive to manufacture the components, the manufacturer demonstrated in a recent video. Nevertheless, the effort is worthwhile.

The back follows with its slight curve in the shape of the palm. Not least because of the edges, send the device never feel uncomfortable, but almost organic. Because it is not even on that the unit at its thickest point – namely, in the centre of the case – proud is 9.7 millimetres thick. Because it flattens, out to the sides as starting about the HTC 8X and there measures only 6 mm.

Thus, the unit appears to be much handier than indicated by the specifications. The 143 grams, which the HTC One does not count necessarily the lightest smartphones on the market, interfere in no way, because together with the many metal gives the impression of the weight durability and value.

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